Professional, Experienced in both States and Japan, Graduated of Hawaii Healing Arts College in Kailua, Hawaii. Also a student of acupuncture. more..

Location & Hours:

Anywhere in Yohohama, Yokosuka, Kamakura, Zushi, Hayama and Miura. on the base or out of list..

Mon-Sat: 9am to 4pm
Sun: 10am to 8pm


Outcalls only! Swedish (skin rolling, kneading and deep tissue with massage lotion), Sport and Japanese Sei-Tai Style. setting up my table..


60min: 6000 yen
90min: 8000 yen
30min for multiple clients: 3000 each (NEW!)
- No additional charge!
- Gift Certificates will be available soon!

118-83 Mameguchidai, Nakaku, Yokohama
cell: 090-9682-6626
*Please leave a message, Iíll call you back.
to book..

On The Base or Out of List:

Available on both on/off the base. On the base, Iíd like you to get me a daypass.

Even if your place is not on the list, I'll try my best. So feel free to ask me! back to top..

Setting Up My Table:

I'll come to you with my massage table and some other equipments. (sheets, towels and a tiny boombox) Approximately 8 x 5 feet of space would help me for setting up the table. I can help you to move your couch! If it seems not big enough, please ask me.

It's welcome to play your favorite music for the treatment. Actually many of my clients already had nice relaxing music! back to top..


Usually I ask for my clients to take their cloths off as much as they can feel confourtable, then I do draping which is a technique for covering client's body except the working area. No paper shorts, sorry if you like it!

But there's no problem to keep them on if you'd like. If you would like to keep your underwear on, I recommend bikinis or sport bras. back to top..

To Book:

When you send me an email or leave me a message, please donít forget your...

  • name,
  • address,
  • phone number and
  • which day/time you would like. back to top..